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  • Exclusive Skin Care line for Men
  • Barber & Grooming Services
  • Waxing Hair removal
  • Men Bodycare Scrubs & BodyWrap Treatments
  • Hair Tatoo & Eye-Brow Shaping
  • Shoe Shine
  • Professional Men Facial and Body Treatments

Barber Services (Inc. all tax)

Service Name Pricing
Hair Cut $30
Beard Trim $25
Beard Sculpt $30
Beard Detail $30
Facial $60
Waxing Hair remical available $40
Hair Tatto $30
Eye-Brow Shapping $18

Spa Packages (Inc. all Tax)

Service Name Pricing
30 min massage and facial $100
Haircut and massage $100
Shaving and massage $100
Manicure and Pedicure $100
30 min Massage, Waxing back and legs, Facial $200
45 min hot stone massage, waxing on one desire area, facial $200

We also offer Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Sauna services


Men Manage your skin by Dr. Spiller
Facials & Masks for men by Dr. Spiller
Men Body Treatments by Dr. Spiller

An ultra-modern skin care line exclusive for men. Active herbs and revolutionary anti-aging ingredients are carefully combined in a unique emulsion system, the same proven foundation of all Dr. Spiller products. MANage Your Skin features GLYCAMON®, a brand new, patented compound from Dr. Spiller Pure SkinCare Solutions.

GLYCAMON® compound is a concentrated anti-aging cocktail that reduces irritation and supplies long lasting moisture, while also regenerating the skin. This exclusive compound is comprised of three phyto-cosmetic active ingredients of the highest quality:
– Glycyrrhizin derivatives from liquorice root
– Ultrafine elixir from the Nopal Cactus
– Glutathione peptides from einkown

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It is also waterproof; no water can enter into the skin from the outside.

Healthy skin must have a minimum moisture content of 10%. Below that level the skin is unable to do its job of protecting the body from moisture loss by keeping out bacteria.

So where does the skin get its moisture from?

Moisture loss is happening every minute of the day. Nature has put in place an ingenious system that allows the skin to regulate its moisture loss. It is called the acid mantle and is a combination of sebum (the body’s natural oil) and perspiration (water). It forms a natural ‘skin cream’, slowing the loss of moisture.

Unfortunately, our natural protection is often not sufficient.

As we age the skin produces less sebum. Harsh environment such as air conditioning and heating causes increased moisture loss. And finally, we regularly cause damage to our skins balance with unsuitable cosmetic products. Excessive cleansing and aggressive substances can actually be contributing factors to a breakdown in the balance of your skin.

The main task of a good skin care cream is to replenish the skin’s moisture balance.

The resulting hydration will not only allow your skin to find its healthy balance and appearance but also enable the active ingredients in the cream to develop their full potential. This means healthier, hydrated, younger looking skin.

you have two choices when producing a skin care cream: you can make a water-based cream, or can make an oil-based cream. Each one has certain advantages and certain disadvantages.

Choice A: Water Based Cream

The vast majority of skin care creams on the market are water-based. They are light, easy to apply and feel good on the skin. However, these creams often require higher levels of chemicals such as emulsifiers and preservatives and they generally do not maintain the skin’s hydration levels for long. In fact, studies have shown that:

  • Water starts to evaporate from the cream the instant it is applied to the skin
  • Within 30 minutes the majority of the moisture contained in the cream has evaporated

Choice B: Oil Based Cream

Oil-based creams are scientifically proven to maintain moisture levels in the skin much longer. They have also been found to deliver active ingredients into the skin far more effectively than water-based creams. Oil-based creams are not very popular because they traditionally have a very high oil content (around 50%), giving your skin an unpleasant heavy and greasy consistency.

Choice C: Dr. Spiller Biocosmetic

Dr. Spiller broke this mould with a revolutionary new process combining the hydrating benefits of an oil-based cream with the lightweight feel of water-based cream.

  • Dr. Spiller’s Hydratain® creams and emulsions are able to penetrate your water-proof skin resulting in greatly increased hydration
  • Increased and lasting hydration of the skin solves the main causes of skin ageing; dehydration, inflammation and oxidation
  • It is scientifically proven to deliver higher levels of active ingredients into the skin
  • Quite simply, you will be able to feel, smell and see the difference no other product can provide
refines skin, minimizes pores, loosens excess of dead skin cells, helps clear out impurities and sebum, supplies long-lasting moisture leaving your skin healthy, glowing and fresh looking. Plus full body treatment $140 50 min SPA PACKAGE OF 8 TREATMNENTS $980 (SAVE $140 and/or a treatment FREE of charge)
revitalize in a relaxing way! This treatment dissolves stress and tension from head to toe. Facial cleansing exfoliator with the Gentle Face and Body Peeling Gel. Lasting protection and intensive moisture with concentrated power of the RELAXING AMPOULE. GLYCAMON compound in a concentrated form. Regenerating Gel Mask and full body massage with MANAGE YOUR SKIN MEN BODY CARE PRODUCTS to ensure ultimate relaxation. BENEFITS: Reduces dryness and stress feelings, re-mineralizes and strengthens the skin, smoothes the skin and provides elasticity. $200 duration 90 min SPA PACKAGE OF 5 TREATMNENTS $800 (save $200)
Provides intense and long lasting hydration, eliminates unpleasant dryness, regenerate the skin, relieve irritations, represents vitality and masculine energy feeling revitalized and energized. Plus full body treatment. $140 duration 50 Min SPA PACKAGE OF 8 TREATMNENTS $980
Deep cleansing, antioxidant effect, regenerating the skin. Natural substances help activating the cell metabolism. Increases water retention capacity and skin’s resilience, balance skin tone and elasticity leaving the skin smoother and tighter. Plus full body treatment. $140 duration 50 Min SPA PACKAGE OF 8 TREATMNENTS $980